Saturday, 12 April 2014

Our Hawaiian Adventure (Part 1 - The Big Island)

We've just had the BEST family adventure to Hawaii. We spent 2 weeks, on 2 islands, exploring them inside and out. We started in Kona on the Big Island, after connecting through Honolulu. I forgot how wonderful the scenery was on the Kona Coast, there was black lava everywhere. We stayed one night at the Sheraton, which was lovely and quiet, with giant pools and a slide for the kids to enjoy.
Looking down from our hotel room.
Keahou Bay, next to The Sheraton
From the Sheraton, we drove south for almost 3 hours to Volcanoes National Park. we stayed at Volcano Lodge, which is a must if you want to stay overnight in the Park. We walked through Lava tubes, on the crater floor of an active volcano, and hiked for 3 hours across massive solid lava flows. Unfortunately, there was no hot lava flowing into the ocean when we visited, so we only saw the lava from a distance in the crater.
Thurston Lava Tube, in Volcanoes National Park

Crater floor.

The view of the active volcano, from Volcano House.

Driving down the island through the National Park, you can see where the lava has scarred the land.

Walking on a rock solid lava flow that crossed the road back in 2006.

The Sea Arch at the end of the road.
After one night in Volcanoes National Park, we drove around the top of the island to Waikoloa to the Hilton, a massive resort on the Waikoloa Coast, where we stayed for 5 nights.
The view from our room at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.

Hilton Waikoloa Village Lagoon - there are loads of sea turtles in there!

Beautiful frangipani

My big boy swimming along side a sea turtle.

Breathtaking creatures!!!
We drove to a few different snorkelling spots on the Kona Coast to have a look at the different sea life.
Ocean swimming and snorkelling with some wild sea turtles.

Lava sand.

Navigating the rocky lava as they enter the ocean for a snorkel.
Had the BEST time night swimming with Manta Rays and our guides, the guys from Splashers. Definitely a MUST DO!

Breathtaking mantas, they have about a 4 metre wing span!

Part 2 - coming soon....

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