Monday, 3 February 2014

My (Art) Instagram - January

I hope you had a great weekend! We just relaxed after the boys first few days back at school last week. A technology free weekend, a bit of shopping, lunch at a cafe, haircuts, and a few walks down to the beach for a swim was all we needed to recuperate. This week will be a challenge for the kids though, a full week at school, I'm sure there will be tears by the end of it. I'll have loads of time this week to start making those canvases and start painting. Look out for some pics on my Instagram feed!

I'm a big fan of Instagram, a bit obsessed really. I upload photos almost daily to my IG account, from everyday stuff, like my kids first day at school, to a day at the beach, or something funny I might see. I love it, it's a great way to connect with friends as well as like minded people. I post quite a lot of photos of my drawings and paintings on IG, these are from this last month, January 2014.

The first four I drew while up at my Sister's home in the countryside. I only took with me a few Posca Paint Pens, gold and silver Sharpies and my trusty black Micron Pens, as well as my sketchbook. I pretty much just let it flow, as I sat outside with the flies swarming around me, watching the kids play in the pool. And because my sister has a love affair with quilting, she wanted to see these on fabric right away!! Maybe soon Sis...

I had some studio time on Friday and I did the same thing again, this time with acrylic paint and some printmaking paper I found in my stash. The two styles are quite different, but both still have geometric shapes, which seems to be consistent in everything I do. I'm not sure what I will do with these two below, I may just pop them in my Etsy Store, we'll see...

I follow a lot of other Artists on Instagram too, I had to start culling some because I wasn't seeing the feeds of all the ones I like the most.
My favourites include:
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Erin Flannery


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