Friday, 7 February 2014

Flashback Friday

While going through all my old drawings, paintings and prints, I chose this one to show today. It's a charcoal and watercolour crayon, on watercolour paper. Its a pretty big one, around 30in x 44in. 

I remember doing this one in drawing class at Uni in about 1992-ish. I spent ages on it, using the rubbing tool, water and an eraser to create different effects. We had a different exercise/task to do every week in class. This one was obviously perspective and tone, from large to small and back again, and from dark to light.

One week we could only use our left hand (or right hand if you were left-handed) for the entire class. Another was to draw our favourite song. Week after week it kept you thinking outside the box, that's why drawing class was one of my favourite classes at Uni.

The edges are a bit crushed, but I think I might flatten them out somehow and get it float framed under glass, I have the perfect wall for it!

"Circles", by Monique Tyacke
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