Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ten on Ten - December!!!

I started off bright and early this morning. I had some Etsy orders ready to be sent out today. 

The kids woke up about an hour after me. First thing they look for every morning is Zart!
I wonder where he will be tomorrow...

A special treat, I made some pancake batter last night ready to cook for breakfast this morning.
The kids are so bored with the usual toast and cereal. Mmm, Nutella!

I missed a few hours of taking photos in the middle of the day, as I was out in the heat running errands.
At about 2:30pm I made some pizza dough, ready to rise for a few hours, for this evening's dinner.

Remi had some LEGO time.

I added a few more decorations to the tree.
Luca made this one at Cubs last week, you would never guess that it's made from safety pins.
It's so pretty!

Luca came home from school and decided he had to count his pocket money.
I am trying to get him to save it up, but he keeps finding new things to buy.
Today he wanted the Plants vs Zombies video game- Mac edition.
Funny thing is, he has it on the iPad already - I don't get it!
I didn't let him buy it, am I a meany?

Late afternoon... such a beautiful part of the world we live in!

I went to hang out some laundry around 5pm and this is who I found in the
backyard waiting for me, he is sitting on top of the washing line - so funny.
Oh, and he is giving himself bunny ears - hahahahaaa, he makes me laugh!

Playing Minecraft

Thanks for looking guys!

I had a pretty normal day, nothing out of the ordinary, unlike yesterday, but that's a whole other story!!!

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Thanks for hosting again this year Rebekah, it was lots of fun!!!

See you all next year!



Shelley McGrew said...

Marvelous day! So strange to me to see warmth and sunshine. It was 10 degrees today. BRRR!!

amyhersheyskisses said...

Beautiful view and that pizza looks amazing.