Sunday, 19 May 2013


52, a portrait a week of my kids...

We are in Barcelona for the next week or so, so it should make for some lovely photos of the boys - that is, if they can keep still long enough. 

The excitement has been building for a few months now and we arrived yesterday, into this beautiful city. The photo above is outside our apartment in the Barri Gothic area of the city, close-ish to the Port. It's a beautiful area and we went out early this morning to look around.

R has all his colourful clothes on so he is easy to see in the crowd. This was taken at Park Guell where we spent a bit of time wandering around admiring the beautiful park designed by Antonio Gaudi.

L is loving learning all about the beautiful places we are visiting. This trip is giving him such worldly knowledge. This photo was also taken at Park Guell, we spent quite a while there, the way it's built is so interesting.

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