Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ten on Ten - March 2013

I haven't done the Ten on Ten Project for a few months so here goes...

This little guy woke up this morning in this castle. He slept in it, and he ate breakfast in it.
20 bucks from Costco and it's kept the kids entertained for hours - love that!
The weather was gorgeous today, we all went for a  l o n g  bike ride.
The kids stopped to climb in this tree twice.
Something was pretty funny, I must've missed the joke.
The turnaround point, one of the new local parks.
There are some really fun things for the kids to play on.
Every time we go here I want to go down that big slide.
The ride back home through the Wetlands.
I almost crashed taking these pics, so unco (uncoordinated)!
Our little guinea pigs were about to see their new home this afternoon,
Nick just had to build it first.
An hour or so later... I'm pretty impressed with the new mansion!
They haven't quite figured out how to climb the ramp up to their bedroom yet,
we might have to put them up there ourselves later.
Sleep well Reg & Molly!
We had a really lovely day just spending time together. Thank goodness the weather was on our side this weekend. If we'd had another rainy weekend I think I would have gone bonkers!

I hope yours was wonderful!

Post your own 10 on 10 Photo Project over at Rebekah's blog...


Jane said...

Hey there - these are great photos. That park looks awesome, what a lovely family day!

Jes said...

what a fabulous day! great photos!

Leanne Barnett said...

What a fun day, love that he slept in the castle- how cute:)

LNCREA said...

Allez, je tente ce défi et je me joins à vous.
Quelle chance de pouvoir être en tee shirt

Jen said...

Love the castle! What a sunny day you had!

Amanda M. said...

It's been so cold here ~ I loved your beautiful outside pictures!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

the castle shot is awesome xxxx