Wednesday, 30 January 2013

First Day of Year 3!

School's back today! I think there will be a lot of Mums celebrating with a "latte" or two. I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Back into Normal Life

It's time to get back into the swing of things. School starts again tomorrow and I'm ready for life to get back to normal. I am as organised as I can be, but next week will be the real challenge - after school activities start again for the term. We have been really enjoying the late nights and morning sleep in's, now it's time to adjust our routine again. I am happy for it and the kids are better behaved with a regular routine. It may take a week or two to get used to it but I say "bring it on".

I'm ready to get back into painting too. So many ideas have been running through my head, mostly at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. I find myself tossing and turning thinking of things to paint, draw or print.

I have updated my Etsy Shop with 8 small watercolour and staedtler pen artworks that I did at the end of last year. I'm hoping to add some larger paintings in the next few days.
Go to my Etsy shop here.

Sunday, 27 January 2013



Remi: Dress up time with Daddy is always fun.
Luca: A bike ride in the scorching heat with Mum.

This week has been exhausting to say the least. We're trying to fit in tons of extra fun activities before school goes back in a few days. My DSLR has been resting at home most of the time and I've been taking photos with my iPhone (so lazy, I know). These photos are the best of what I shot on my DSLR this week.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Australia Day

Started the day by having some Vege toast for brekky...

...went to the Aussie Day BBQ Breakfast ( a little late)...

... and went to the beach in the arvo. Australia Day - no crowds and no stress, just the way I like it!
I hope yours was just the way YOU like it too.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Just Us Two

I don't know why we picked one of the hottest days to go for a long bike ride, just the two of us. It was beautiful up on the headland though, the breeze made for some fun parasail watching. These guys are 
c r a z y!

 On the way home, we stopped for a quick ice-cream, a family favourite ( an Aussie icon).
 And in the evening, we swam again... A sensational day!

It's Australia Day tomorrow! Woohoo!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's Soooo Hot!!!

The morning started out lovely, then by about 10am it was disgustingly humid and hot. The kids decided it was cooler in our room and that a sleepover was in order. Hubby was away for the night, so I didn't mind and switched bedrooms with them. I hope you had a fun sleepover boys.

Here's to a slightly cooler weekend...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The little one made this necklace for me at Kindy today, thanks R, I love it!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Yesterday and Today

We're trying to fit in as much outdoor activity as possible this week before the school holidays end. Yesterday we went for an afternoon bike ride along the lake and today we spent at the ocean pool again. It's so hot and gorgeous, we just have to be outside.

We picked up a couple of treasures that had washed up on the beach, a crab exoskeleton and some seaweed to add to our collection.

What a day!!!

Sunday, 20 January 2013


We hung out at the Zoo today. We arrived late, but being Zoo Friends, we can really go at any time throughout the year. The kids wanted to see the dinosaur exhibit, so we took our time, we wandered, we played in the bushes, we covered about half of the zoo. We'll be back to see the rest sometime soon.
#tarongazoo #sydney #1916 #igsydney
The entrance to the Zoo.
My little boy and I hanging out at the Zoo.
My little guy and I stopped for lunch.
Eeewww, that's gross. #dinosaursattarongazoo #tarongazoo #sydney
A spitting dinosaur.
View from the #zoo #tarongazoo #sydney #igsydney #sydneyoperahouse #sydneyharbourbridge
The day wasn't so nice for taking photos, but the temp was perfect.


An afternoon at the beach.
This little guy came off second best to a climbing frame. He even got to ride in an ambulance.
Their exact personalities.
Luca - Super short hair, big smile, lots of love.
Remi - Black eyes, no fear, always climbing.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Around Here

It's simple at the moment, not having to wake up to an alarm clock is wonderful. The weather is superb ( a little hot today though) and the kiddies are being so good. 

We all pottered around the house and stayed in the air-conditioning for most of the day today. The little boy lined up his shoes at the front door (they were all full of sand), and watered some bugs to "help them come alive again". The big boy spent some "quality time" on the computer playing Minecraft. 

The evening was spent dipping our toes in the ocean and collecting a few shells. The horrid bluebottles made another appearance, so we couldn't swim. Another day perhaps....
Also, those black eyes are taking their time to disappear, poor little guy.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Perfect Summer Afternoon

School holidays is so perfect sometimes, just look at these two, loving every minute of our beautiful surroundings, I couldn't ask for anything more at this moment!