Friday, 20 July 2012

Taking Photos

My husband was lovely enough to buy me a new camera for my birthday last month, so today I photographed some of my most recent artworks. I find it to be very therapeutic, the order of it all, making sure its straight, there is no glare and that the colours are correct makes me happy. I use a tripod, and take the photos outdoors in the shade, the colours look the best (to me) in that kind of light. Hopefully I will have some to show next week once they have been through Photoshop. 

Here are today's instagram pics. I played (a little) with some water colours, just before I picked the boys up from school. It's always so much fun, even if it is only a few minutes squeezed in between other things. Photographing my art today. Making some prints to sell online. Playing with some watercolours.

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