Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ideas to ponder...

Over the weekend I played around with some ideas that have been racing around in my head for ages.

Firstly I wanted to start compiling all the info I need to open my Big Cartel store online. This is no small task. I've been photographing my paintings, which I find really fun (but sometimes frustrating) to do. The light has to be just right though. The weather lately has been a bit of a shocker, so I gave up after 2 paintings. I'm hoping for some nicer weather this week. The other thing is, do I print my own limited edition prints, or do I get them done by someone who actually knows what they are doing? If money was no object, I would go the pro route, but they would be making more money than me on my artworks. So, I will do some more testing, maybe upgrade my printer, test out a few different archival quality papers and hopefully it will all work out. I would also like to sell more originals than prints. Even if they are small, I think original is always best.

So I took little R downstairs to my studio for a play and to watch a movie (Pete's Dragon), while I had some fun playing around with some paint colours I rarely use - flouro's. These images have been playing on my mind for a few weeks now and I've only just found some time to steal away so that I can paint a little without feeling guilty.

I'm feeling a little like I'm being pulled in every direction at the moment. Little R has become more clingy than normal, and L is more emotional than he has ever been. On top of that, my lovely husband is working harder than he ever has, and the stress level for him to succeed is through the roof. So, I am thankful that I got a little me time over the weekend to potter around the house, mostly doing chores, but to paint a little was just lovely, it's all I ever want to do really. Xo

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Sarah M. said...

As always I love your work with colour!