Friday, 16 March 2012

The Sides

I finished this little painting yesterday. It was the last of 4 really small 8in x 8in canvases I wanted to use. All 4 of them look quite good together, it's like you are snorkelling above a reef. Wouldn't you agree?
When I put them all next to each other, I was quite enjoying the side views, they look pretty cool all stacked.
Now onto something larger, I am slowly making my way up to bigger paintings, I'm trying to use the canvases that I have laying around my studio, there are quite a few smallish ones, but today I'll do a medium sized one just to loosen up a bit. Let's see what happens...


Müllerin Art said...

Its blue monday in Australia, too? I like your fishes and paintings, greetings from Germany

sophie said...

Wow, Monique, super beautiful and amazing colours!

sue beyer said...

these paintings are lovely! very nice layering and the colours are great :-)