Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Cupcake decorating class
Saturday was spent in the city with my gorgeous cousin Elise and the lovely Ingrid. We took a class on macaroon baking and cupcake decoration. There were lots of laughs, chatting, and a bit of tasting along the way. The pink macaroons were the teachers, but I think ours tasted better, not so crumbly.

When I got home, the kids wanted to sit and eat them ALL. I rationed them out and they managed to last until Sunday night. I'm hoping to make the macaroons again, they were fun to make, but the pressure to get them right in a class full of lovely ladies was stressful - nobody wanted to fail. We all had the same recipe but everyone's turned out different shapes, sizes and textures - go figure...

Thanks for a lovely, fun day girls. xo

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ingrid said...

It was so much fun, wasn't it! Grant wants me to bake more but I told him I would need a completely child free day to get it done, so maybe if he takes the kids out somewhere I will reward him with macaroons.