Friday, 24 February 2012

Holdsworth Street

I took a quick trip, with my sweet Aunty Diana into the city yesterday to see my (long time) friend Belynda Henry's current Art exhibition at Richard Martin Art Gallery in Woollahra. 

As expected, it was full of colour and wonderful large scale paintings. I also really liked the collection of works on paper, all framed and grouped together. The small sculptures were a lovely new touch giving the exhibition a different dimension. 

The bronze sculptures by Julie Haseler Reilly caught the eye of my funny Aunty, she couldn't stop smiling. I have to admit, they were very fun and the names of the pieces were perfect. The lady dancing above is aptly named "Plenty".

A quick stop at Donna Hay General Store on the same street was inevitable. I even treated my lovely husband and myself to a belated Anniversary treat - macaroons, yum! 

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ingrid said...

ha, those macaroons have nothing on ours!
Sounds like a lovely day out.