Friday, 24 February 2012

Holdsworth Street

I took a quick trip, with my sweet Aunty Diana into the city yesterday to see my (long time) friend Belynda Henry's current Art exhibition at Richard Martin Art Gallery in Woollahra. 

As expected, it was full of colour and wonderful large scale paintings. I also really liked the collection of works on paper, all framed and grouped together. The small sculptures were a lovely new touch giving the exhibition a different dimension. 

The bronze sculptures by Julie Haseler Reilly caught the eye of my funny Aunty, she couldn't stop smiling. I have to admit, they were very fun and the names of the pieces were perfect. The lady dancing above is aptly named "Plenty".

A quick stop at Donna Hay General Store on the same street was inevitable. I even treated my lovely husband and myself to a belated Anniversary treat - macaroons, yum! 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Painted Leaves


After doing the housework this morning, I had the urge to paint something small. These leaves have been sitting in my drawer for so long, so I painted them with white acrylic ink and paint. I had seen it done a few years ago on a blog that I am always reading and inspired by, and really loved what they looked like. I really love natural and organic things at the moment. Also, I don't know why, but butterflies have reappeared again for me.

For some more painted leaves inspiration go here, they are beautiful.

Sense of Urgency

Looking through my sketchbook, these are the last few pages I haven't shown yet. I still don't want to send it in to the Sketchbook Project. There is way too much time and effort put into my sketchbook, it's part of me. It's actually a pretty big deal for me to have finished something lately too. I have a million and one things on the go, but finishing anything always takes time. My Sister said to me that I need to have a "sense of urgency" within myself. I think she is right, this Sketchbook was due to be posted off on January 31st - oops!

Pgs3&4 Pgs32&33Pgs30&31

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


A few more pages from my Sketchbook. I'm painting every day and will have something to show you soon.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Cupcake decorating class
Saturday was spent in the city with my gorgeous cousin Elise and the lovely Ingrid. We took a class on macaroon baking and cupcake decoration. There were lots of laughs, chatting, and a bit of tasting along the way. The pink macaroons were the teachers, but I think ours tasted better, not so crumbly.

When I got home, the kids wanted to sit and eat them ALL. I rationed them out and they managed to last until Sunday night. I'm hoping to make the macaroons again, they were fun to make, but the pressure to get them right in a class full of lovely ladies was stressful - nobody wanted to fail. We all had the same recipe but everyone's turned out different shapes, sizes and textures - go figure...

Thanks for a lovely, fun day girls. xo

Friday, 10 February 2012

Ten on Ten - February

The morning started off not so nice.
The kids started the day in their usual way, with some Vegemite toast and cereal.
A little treat in the kids lunch boxes today, mini meringues. Their teachers will love me - not!
On the way downstairs to the laundry, I spotted these beauties.
A gorgeous Grevillea. How spectacular is that close up!
I spent a little time cutting out some stamps and printing today. It was a lot of fun.
Dinner for the kids, Friday night special - crumbed chicken breast.
Watching Phineus and Ferb, total concentration.
They have both been so very good this week, they were allowed to watch Phineus and Ferb for a little while, they couldn't keep their eyes off it. The stare - tired boys.
I don't know how this ended up on my camera, looks like someone has been sneaking a few pics of his own. Good shot for a 7 year old huh?
That rounds off my 10 on 10 for this month. I had a child free day, doing things I wanted to do for a change. Kids are back at school, husband back at work, and now I can hopefully get back to some normalcy and routine.

 Join in, and link up if you wish, at Rebekah's Blog. The more the merrier!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A few pages...

A few pages from my sketchbook from yesterday, trying to get back into it. Hoping to start painting again early next week.


Monday, 6 February 2012

A Fresh Start

It's a new day! 

Hubby is starting his new job today! 3 months 'gardening leave' was a long time for him to be off. I think he enjoyed it. Both kids are home today (L is sick), so I am catching up on blog posts, folding laundry and hoping to get a little sketching in. Wish me luck! 

This time last week we were in Disneyland!!!!


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Inspired by...

I bought a couple of Moleskine sketchbooks for myself, to keep myself drawing. I almost completed one in Fiji last September, I had no TV, no computer, all I did was draw both morning and night. All that sea life wanted to be drawn, to be used in my paintings, drawings and fabric design. There were so many colours and shapes - extraordinary! I took thousands of underwater photos. I'm not ready to show that sketchbook yet, but here is some of the inspiration behind my drawings.

A few collections...

The flora was really lovely and tropical too....