Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas Morning
Look what Santa brought for all of us.
What an awesome Christmas Day!!! Everyone pitched in and made it wonderful. Even though it was at our house, it wasn't stressful at all. My sister wins the award for "best surprise gift giver" and "best cook". I tell you what, she was outstanding. 
Remi and his new pirate cushion
My Sister made this awesome cushion for Remi's bed, he LOVES it!

Me with my new quilt
Not only did Leanne make the cushion for Remi, but look what I was spoilt with as well.
Best surprise present ever!!!!
My mum got one too - boy has L been busy!

the boys
The boys waiting patiently for their presents.

Bacon Lady
Elise, what can I say???

The kids Xmas brekky
Some of the cousins having brekky.

Xmas brekky
Brekky time for everyone

Chief Xmas lunch cooks
Chief cooks for the day - my Sister and I.
We cooked roast lamb and pork, loads of potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and peas, and we made the best gravies ever! Elise and Ben bought the ham along, Ben and Chris bought the Turkey and stuffing, and Jarrod and Mika the chicken. It was topped off with the mother of all Christmas puddings. The pud was the best ever as well! Well done again Sis. Di Di made her ever delicious shortbread, mince tarts and (again) the best Christmas cake ever!!!! I tell you what, this Christmas will be hard to beat.
Xmas lunch
The feast for 29 of us - so much food!

Family feast



My Xmas lunch
My Christmas lunch - nom nom nom...

Moustache man
Guess what Remi got in his bon bon?

My dad and his little mate D
My Dad (left) and Uncle Dave

All smiles
My Sister and our Aunty Diana
Everyone had so much fun, all the kids played really well together and the weather turned out gorgeous. Seeing family together makes me very happy - hopefully next year,  everyone will be there.

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours...

Mon. x

P.S. I LOOOOooovvveeee my new quilt!!! Thanks Sis! Mwah! Mwah! and Mwah!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The lead up to Christmas...

Phew, no time for blogging, but I have been taking loads of photographs. Here are a few from the lead up to Christmas...
Remi's Kindy Christmas concert
Christmas decorations on the walls at Kindy
A face in the crowd
More Kindy Decorations
Remi with his present from his teachers.
Packed and ready to go to the Kindy teachers.
Remi's present for his teachers, we made hundreds.
Luca's class present to his teacher, it was her first year of teaching.
Luca and his teacher, we love her.
Last day of school
Last day of school, Yr 6 guard of honour.
Luca holding Molly (we are now looking after them for 3 weeks while Gra and Shiney are away.
The top of Queen Victoria Building Xmas Tree
Queen Victoria Building at Christmas time
The bottom of the QVB tree
Christmas windows
Love the reflection in this one
Christmas tree in Martin Place, Sydney.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Ten on Ten - December

Ahhhh, where has the time gone??? With my husband on 'gardening leave' for the summer, the time is just whizzing by. I've taken loads of photos, all with my iPhone (it's such a handy device - almost a little too handy in fact, and a little too addictive as well).

Anyway, my Ten on Ten this month are a few of the things we have been doing lately. I did take more than ten photos today but a lot of them are rubbish, so I added some from last week.

Here goes...

Working on some new art.
Some watercolour art I've been working on. All WIP's.
Some of my tools
Hanging out in the tree
My boys in a tree (one with his bike helmet on)
We found a waterfall in suburbia
Xmas at Warringah Mall
Christmas time at our mall
Advent Calendar
Our daily Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar
Some fishing today - can you even see the fish???
So proud! What a whopper!!!
Pelican on the lake
A pelican on the lake today - it was a little bright for the camera
Christmas Deco's
Yay, Christmas!
I hope you enjoyed the pics... head on over the Rebekah's blog to join in with this months 10 on 10, it's lots of fun.