Thursday, 20 October 2011

Giant Sandcastles!

Last Saturday we wandered down our hill, to the beach, with the boys.
cuttlefish skeletons
There were hundreds of cuttlefish skeletons all along the high tide mark, we collected a few for the pic.
It's that time of year again when they are dredging the entrance to the lagoon so the ocean can flow in, some serious sand builds up pretty quick, so they have to bring in heavy machinery to get rid of it (my Aunty Diana has some more pics on her blog). The sand then gets deposited just down the coast about half a kilometre onto our beach. Sometimes they don't flatten the piles of sand right away, so the kids had a blast for a few hours playing in it. It's a bit gross and dirty for me, but N got in there with the kids.
Giant sandcastle
Climbing up
top of the sandcastle
Jumping down
mid air
rough sea
Their clothes will be stained with orange dirt/sand until the end of time! It was fun for me to take the pics, I don't like dirty sand!


jfoster8 said... take the BEST photo's.

sophie said...

Those photos are just beautiful - the kids are so excited aren't they!