Friday, 2 September 2011

Sailing Away

I have been asked by Luca's teacher to help with the class artwork for the fundraiser auction coming up in a few weeks. The idea is for the parents to bid on the class artwork at the fundraising dinner. I drew up a few examples of what they could choose from, and the kids voted. The most popular vote won. 

The winning design was a boat scene. The background will be painted blue with an ocean/sky/sand scene onto a canvas. The kids each drew and painted their own boat onto paper. I limited the colour choice so it didn't look like a rainbow of colours. I cut them out and am going to glue them onto the painted blue canvas, finish with their name below each boat, and a coat of varnish. It should look good. Hopefully I will get a pic of the finished artwork. 

The boats below are so adorable I want to keep them for myself! 
Luca's Class Boats

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