Sunday, 24 July 2011

Melbourne (*warning* Lots of Photos)

I have been meaning to post about our trip to Melbourne that we went on in the 2nd week of the school holidays. The kids and I flew down to Melbourne on the Monday, Nick was on a flight later that day. They were so well behaved, I was very proud of my little guys.  I waited till last to get on the plane so they could get rid of their energy, it was well worth it.

After a great flight, we jumped in a cab to our apartment/hotel we were staying in for the week.  We met up with Aunty Gabby and had some lunch. My sister and family (The Harvey's) were due to arrive not long after us. When they arrived, we went and had a look at their awesome 'upgraded' apartment - penthouse 3br, 3 bath, huge balcony, there was even a wine cellar, all on the 21st floor with amazing views of Melbourne. Yes we were jealous , so much so that I didn't even take pics of our apartment. It was boring in comparison. Needless to say, we spent a little time up there with them on top of the world! We rode the tram full circle that first night. It was nice to see the city at night, we all loved the tram.
Five Boys
Luca, Oscar, Ethan, Archer and Remi waiting for a tram.
City Circle Tram Melbourne

Anyhoo, we started nice and early the next day at Federation Square at the Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition. It was so jam packed with people, there were kids everywhere. The 'sculptures' were really great, great impact using only one colour for each of the sculptures.

The Art of the Brick Exhibition

Lego Erupting Man

Lego Skulls

Lego Mosaic Portrait

Luca Lego Drips

Lego Swimming

Nathan Sawaya Self Portrait in LEGO

Lego T-Rex We also bought tickets for the Play and Learn activities where the kids had fun building the tallest tower, the vehicle that went the farthest after being pushed down a ramp, and a few other activities - the 5 boys each chose their own task. There was tons to do and not enough time to do it.
Waiting in anticipation
The kids waiting for the first challenge
Little Remi
Remi playing with Daddy
The boys winning tower!
The boys won for the tallest tower made in 5 minutes.
Who went the furthest?
Luca won when his car went the furthest. (He was helped along by a heavy pre-made car top that he found)
Luca's winning vehicle
Luca's winning design
Flinders Street Station Melbourne
Flinder's Street Station
Melbourne Central
Melbourne Central
The following day we went to the Tutankhamun Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. We knew we were in for a long day, there is tons to see at the museum as well as King Tut. No pics were allowed in the King Tut exhibition, we took some of the kids in the store at the end.
Melbourne Trams
Old trams still going
Melbourne Museum

Tutankhamun Exhibition
Luca King Tut
Remi King Tut
Tapestry Rug
Tapestry Rug
Phar Lap
Old Melbourne
Indigenous Boats
Australian Coat of Arms
Tapestry Rug

At the end of Day 3, we had seen SO much of the city, our feet were tired and the kids were going crazy being indoors. The next day was Leanne's Birthday, after a quick trip to the Police Museum (to see Aunty Gabby) we jumped on a tram to St. Kilda.
Victoria Police
The Ned Kelly Gang
Luca's Mug Shot

First stop in St. Kilda, Luna Park! It turned out to be a beautiful day The kids went on a few rides each. Luca almost died on the Dodgem Cars - he was a little small for the adult size ones. It ended in tears! He opted for the Carousel for his second ride - a bit slower paced. 

Luna Park
Luna Park
Remi's Ride Luna Park

Two Fat Sisters!
The most fun for us grown up's were the crazy mirrors, we spent ages taking pics of ourselves in front of them - what a giggle!
Luna Park
Luna Park
Luna Park
Luca on Merry go round
Merry go round Remi

Leanne and Cake
A quick stop to look at all the cakes on Acland Street - believe it or not, we didn't even buy one. It was Leanne's Birthday too
Yummy Cakes
St Kilda Graffiti
Luna Park Mosaic
St Kilda Beach
St. Kilda Pier
 St. Kilda Pier

Melbourne City from St. Kilda Pier
 Melbourne City from St. Kilda Pier

Fairy Penguin spotting at the end of St. Kilda Pier

We were trying to spot some fairy penguins in the rocks, Leanne had the camera ready to go.

Crossing the Yarra


After some shopping at the Outlets, we walked back to Docklands and had dinner out with Leanne, Paul and the Kids (Happy Birthday Sis!). We had a really great time in Melbourne City, we will be back.
Cow in a tree - Melbourne

The next morning, we were both off in different directions. The Harvey's were driving back home to the Hunter Valley (which they did in 1 day - crazy!) and we were off on the train to Geelong to stay with Nick's sister on the farm for the night.
The boys had SO much fun with the dogs, goats and horses. The goats were following them around - so sweet.
Remi climbing
Luca the Goat Herder
The Boys and Horses
The Kids
After lunch we went to Werribee Open Range Zoo. We went in a safari vehicle to see the animals in large paddocks. It was a great adventure.
Werribee Zoo
My what big teeth you have!
Luca and the Giraffe
Beware of the Lions
During the school holidays, the Zoo was open on Friday evenings.
Luca at the The Disco Hut
Walking through the reeds
Beware Hippo's
Kids Activities
After dinner, we went and roasted marshmallows, danced in the disco and enjoyed the cold night air. We had so much fun. 
Wild Nights - Zoo After Dark
The next day after breakfast, we flew the kite and spent some time with the animals again.
Kite Flying
Kids with the kids
  After a BBQ lunch, we were headed to the airport and flew home to Sydney. We had a f a n t a s t i c time in Victoria!