Saturday, 4 June 2011


Gorgeous daisy cupcakes made by my lovely friend Gina.

birthday flowers
Beautiful flowers from a few of the mums from Luca's school - Thanks again Guys!
Twenty one today, twenty one t... oops, got a little carried away. Not really twenty one, more like 31++++++++. It's been a lazy day so far, playing with the kids, reading, eating yummy cupcakes, hearing the kids (awesome) rendition of Happy Birthday To You Mum (it makes me giggle).

Just what I wanted though, a lazy day at home, I feel like we haven't stopped for weeks. Back into it again tomorrow with 2 kids birthday parties. Then some more house guests on Monday. Lucky we did stop today, I really needed to re-energize.


Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Little Sis!! Kiss Kiss Squeeze Squeeze....

ingrid said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I hope you had a fabulous day.