Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kids ATC Swap 2011

Kids’ ATC Swap 2011
I forgot to write about Luca's ATC (Artist Trading Cards) Swap that we sent off on Monday. He is in a group of 7, 6 year old kids, all from the U.S. It was a struggle to get him to draw them, at times I wanted to give up. I even sat next to him drawing my own to give him some inspiration. It's school holidays and I don't think he wants to draw or paint, all he wants to do is play with LEGO! I was lucky enough to get the following drawings out of him. Leave him a comment, he'd be very excited!
Collection by Luca (age 6)

Collection (back) by Luca (age 6)
The back side of the cards

The Ball by Luca (age 6)
The Ball

Billycart by Luca (age 6)

Wierdbot by Luca (age 6)
Wierdbot (Luca's spelling)

Trainbot by Luca (age 6)

Vegemite Guy by Luca (age 6)
Vegemite Guy

Club by Luca (age 6)

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