Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter in the Countryside

We left the awful rain behind in Sydney this Easter weekend just gone, and swapped it for glorious sunshine in the Hunter Valley. On Saturday my Sister, Leanne, and her family all took us to Wollombi, a small town about half an hour from their home. Who knew it would be so busy with other like minded people! It was really great to be outdoors, the kids had a blast doing nothing in particular, just enjoying their cousins company. After lunch at the pub, we wandered around the (very) small town for a bit, the markets were on too, so Leanne and I had a little look around there as well.
A small sandstone church in Wollombi. (Pic taken by my Sis) 

Easter 2011
My gorgeous Remi. (Pic taken by my Sis)

Another gorgeous sandstone church in Wollombi. (Pic taken by my Sis)
On Easter Sunday, we went to Hunter Valley Gardens where they were having an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. The gardens are really beautiful, and never seemed that crowded, which I loved. My kids were going crazy for the outdoor space again, a little too crazy really.
Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens

I love how little Remi was interacting with the statues, I didn't see Leanne stalking him, so I was very surprised to see some lovely pics of him.
Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens
Me and my big Sister Leanne

Easter Egg Hunt Hunter Valley Gardens
Easter Egg Hunt in the Storybook Garden

Mad Hatters Tea Party at Hunter Valley Gardens
Mad Hatters Tea Party

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens

Family at Hunter Valley Gardens
All of us (taken on timer).

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens
After lunch at the Gardens, we went back to the farm. The kids absolutely love it there, jumping on the trampoline, flying on the swings, going for a bushwalk to find rabbits, and their new favourite thing to do - riding the motorbike and quad. Their older cousins were so wonderful,  both days, doubling them around the yard at a snails pace - so sweet. Thank you E and O.

These were growing in the field.

Remi and Oscar.

On the Quad
Daddy and Luca

Helmet head
That night we celebrated Mum's 65th birthday with a BBQ and a home made cake. After cake, we all sat around the campfire, it was a really lovely evening, the stars were shining bright out there in the pitch dark countryside.
Easter 2011


Remi by the fire

By the Fire
Looking at the stars!
A fab weekend, now we're all exhausted!

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