Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cezanne Art Class for Kids

Kids Art Class was on at my house again yesterday. I decided they would give Paul Cezanne a go this time - "Still Life with Jug and Drapery".
All the kids were very excited, and quite apprehensive. They didn't know where to start. Once I got them going, they couldn't be stopped. We had a little help from two of the Mum's, they helped me when the kids got a little stuck - it's hard to be in 11 places at once.
Painting Cezanne
Most of the kids were older this time (with a couple of younger ones as well), instead of doing the exact colours of the painting, they all went their own way and chose beautiful bright colours, they all look amazing and really different.
Kids Cézanne Art Class
After they had finished painting, and a little bit of morning tea, I gave each of them a stack of 11 Artist Trading Cards. They were to do whatever they wanted on them, using any kind of materials. When they were finished, they each had to trade one card with everyone in the group. They were all so excited to go home with a little piece of everyone.
Making ATC - Artist Trading Cards

Making ATC - Artist Trading Cards
ATC - Artist Trading Cards
Sam with his ATC

It was such a great day, the artworks produced were lovely. I already have bookings for Art Classes next school holidays. Yay!

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