Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Reef - Acrylic on Canvas
I quietly disappeared yesterday afternoon, down to my studio, to paint. The kids were having fun playing with their Dad, so it was a perfect opportunity. Leanne gave me an early birthday gift on the weekend, an awesome Ken Duncan Limited Edition Photograph - Breakwater Lighthouse, Delaware USA. It brings back lots of memories from living in the US, I love it! The problem was that it looked lonely where I hung it, so I got the urge to paint a small canvas to hang with it. I like that they are mismatched. What do you think?

I decided to call my new painting "Reef". It reminds me of snorkeling over a reef, there are always so many beautiful coloured fish, coral and other aquatic life. 
Art Hanging

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter in the Countryside

We left the awful rain behind in Sydney this Easter weekend just gone, and swapped it for glorious sunshine in the Hunter Valley. On Saturday my Sister, Leanne, and her family all took us to Wollombi, a small town about half an hour from their home. Who knew it would be so busy with other like minded people! It was really great to be outdoors, the kids had a blast doing nothing in particular, just enjoying their cousins company. After lunch at the pub, we wandered around the (very) small town for a bit, the markets were on too, so Leanne and I had a little look around there as well.
A small sandstone church in Wollombi. (Pic taken by my Sis) 

Easter 2011
My gorgeous Remi. (Pic taken by my Sis)

Another gorgeous sandstone church in Wollombi. (Pic taken by my Sis)
On Easter Sunday, we went to Hunter Valley Gardens where they were having an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. The gardens are really beautiful, and never seemed that crowded, which I loved. My kids were going crazy for the outdoor space again, a little too crazy really.
Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens

I love how little Remi was interacting with the statues, I didn't see Leanne stalking him, so I was very surprised to see some lovely pics of him.
Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens
Me and my big Sister Leanne

Easter Egg Hunt Hunter Valley Gardens
Easter Egg Hunt in the Storybook Garden

Mad Hatters Tea Party at Hunter Valley Gardens
Mad Hatters Tea Party

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens

Family at Hunter Valley Gardens
All of us (taken on timer).

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens
After lunch at the Gardens, we went back to the farm. The kids absolutely love it there, jumping on the trampoline, flying on the swings, going for a bushwalk to find rabbits, and their new favourite thing to do - riding the motorbike and quad. Their older cousins were so wonderful,  both days, doubling them around the yard at a snails pace - so sweet. Thank you E and O.

These were growing in the field.

Remi and Oscar.

On the Quad
Daddy and Luca

Helmet head
That night we celebrated Mum's 65th birthday with a BBQ and a home made cake. After cake, we all sat around the campfire, it was a really lovely evening, the stars were shining bright out there in the pitch dark countryside.
Easter 2011


Remi by the fire

By the Fire
Looking at the stars!
A fab weekend, now we're all exhausted!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

MVQ Giveaway

My big Sister Leanne is having a fabric giveaway on her blog
Leave her a comment on her "wash or not to wash" survey, and become a follower on her blog to enter.

Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour

This years Sketchbook Project was SO much fun, it kept me inspired by making lovely sketchbook pages off and on for 4 months. This next one is a World Tour! I've already signed up. It's going to travel to Melbourne at some stage! I might have to make a special trip down to see my sketchbook sometime next year. 

Sign up by 31st October, and you have until January 31st 2012 to finish it. Go on... give it a go.

Kids ATC Swap 2011

Kids’ ATC Swap 2011
I forgot to write about Luca's ATC (Artist Trading Cards) Swap that we sent off on Monday. He is in a group of 7, 6 year old kids, all from the U.S. It was a struggle to get him to draw them, at times I wanted to give up. I even sat next to him drawing my own to give him some inspiration. It's school holidays and I don't think he wants to draw or paint, all he wants to do is play with LEGO! I was lucky enough to get the following drawings out of him. Leave him a comment, he'd be very excited!
Collection by Luca (age 6)

Collection (back) by Luca (age 6)
The back side of the cards

The Ball by Luca (age 6)
The Ball

Billycart by Luca (age 6)

Wierdbot by Luca (age 6)
Wierdbot (Luca's spelling)

Trainbot by Luca (age 6)

Vegemite Guy by Luca (age 6)
Vegemite Guy

Club by Luca (age 6)

Cezanne Art Class for Kids

Kids Art Class was on at my house again yesterday. I decided they would give Paul Cezanne a go this time - "Still Life with Jug and Drapery".
All the kids were very excited, and quite apprehensive. They didn't know where to start. Once I got them going, they couldn't be stopped. We had a little help from two of the Mum's, they helped me when the kids got a little stuck - it's hard to be in 11 places at once.
Painting Cezanne
Most of the kids were older this time (with a couple of younger ones as well), instead of doing the exact colours of the painting, they all went their own way and chose beautiful bright colours, they all look amazing and really different.
Kids Cézanne Art Class
After they had finished painting, and a little bit of morning tea, I gave each of them a stack of 11 Artist Trading Cards. They were to do whatever they wanted on them, using any kind of materials. When they were finished, they each had to trade one card with everyone in the group. They were all so excited to go home with a little piece of everyone.
Making ATC - Artist Trading Cards

Making ATC - Artist Trading Cards
ATC - Artist Trading Cards
Sam with his ATC

It was such a great day, the artworks produced were lovely. I already have bookings for Art Classes next school holidays. Yay!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

It's Catching On

I sat down today to spend a little time drawing. Both my Dad and Luca wanted to have a go at it too. Dads drawings make me laugh SO much. He has always drawn the same characters since I was young, gappy buck teeth, floppy hats and a giant smile. I love how he draws, they remind me of him without his false teeth in. I will keep these drawings forever, the kids love them.
Owya Goin' by My Dad
Slim by My Dad

Pirate by My Dad

And Luca's drawings too...
Anpanman by Luca

Dino by Luca

Friday, 15 April 2011


These last few weeks have been a little trial and error in regards to my creativity. I have been experimenting with a few different mediums and have enjoyed the watercolors the most. I took some pics of my plants and had a go at painting them. The background is a little dark, but it turned out ok. I haven't used watercolors in ages. The white parts are acrylic ink. What do you think?
Watercolour Succulent

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Art Classes for Kids

Yesterday was new for me. It was my first time at teaching an art class for kids.

There were 9 kids from 3 years to 8 years old. I decided on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night for everyone to paint on their own.
Everyone started off with a blank canvas, I guided them through drawing different parts of the painting using a pencil, first the cypress tree in the foreground, then the houses, church and hills in the mid-ground, finishing off with the stars in the night sky. I added a few swirls for them, then they traced over their pencil lines with a waterproof black marker.
Drawing with Markers
We started painting using the lightest colours first, the yellow for the stars and the green for the tree. The rest was painted in two tones of blue to make the whole scene dark, like night time.
Starting to Paint Starry Night
Signing their Art
We used q-tips to dab small bits of paint to add depth, and their signature. Once the paint was dry, we used some silver and blue glitter paint over the whole painting to give it a shimmer.
Applying the glitter paint
The kids were SO pleased with their finished works.
Luca with his Starry Night
Starry Night by Luca - Age 6
Starry Night by Emily (6)
Starry Night by Emily - Age 6
Starry Night by Jack (3)
Starry Night by Jack - Age 3
Finished artworks
The finished paintings!
I got through the class with flying colours, I even have 10 kids booked in for next week. 

For really great art ideas for kids go to Art Projects for Kids - what a GREAT site for inspiration!