Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Drawing Morning

This morning after the little one was dropped off at Kindy, I headed home with the idea to do some drawing. Luca (6) is off school with really bad asthma, so he decided to join in with me and my creative process. We took a few lessons from the Drawing Lab book (below), by Carla Sonheim
First up, I chose Lab 19, drawing a series of facial features in a particular order, then join them all up. The book was a helpful start to get us going, but we put a little bit of our own spin on it. Luca went one step further - he had a robot in mind - and came up with his own drawing on the right. I don't really know what I drew, but it was very therapeutic colouring with pencils.
Next up, Luca chose Lab 18, drawing a subject with one loose continuous line. I drew some vases with flowers and some faces, all different. I noticed as I drew more, my squiggles and swirls became more detailed. Luca got bored with that one after he had done 3 vases of flowers and moved onto the monkey face (at the bottom).
This is Luca's Lab 7 monkey face. You could only use a limited number of colours, so off he went. It looks a little like a character from South Park I think!
 I think we are off to bake a cake now...

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