Tuesday, 29 March 2011

We did bake a cake!

My gorgeous Masterchef, all prepped and ready to bake!
Ok, so it's not pretty, but it sure does taste yummy! The Traditional Vanilla Birthday Cake recipe is from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook (New York City), where I used to frequent with my lovely friends, way back when it was a one shop bakery, before LA and Dubai. Wow, haven't they done well! I have used the same recipe for all but one of my kids birthday cakes over the years - so delicious! And by the way, who needs an excuse to eat cake, it's just another ordinary day... why not!
Buy it over here...

Drawing Morning

This morning after the little one was dropped off at Kindy, I headed home with the idea to do some drawing. Luca (6) is off school with really bad asthma, so he decided to join in with me and my creative process. We took a few lessons from the Drawing Lab book (below), by Carla Sonheim
First up, I chose Lab 19, drawing a series of facial features in a particular order, then join them all up. The book was a helpful start to get us going, but we put a little bit of our own spin on it. Luca went one step further - he had a robot in mind - and came up with his own drawing on the right. I don't really know what I drew, but it was very therapeutic colouring with pencils.
Next up, Luca chose Lab 18, drawing a subject with one loose continuous line. I drew some vases with flowers and some faces, all different. I noticed as I drew more, my squiggles and swirls became more detailed. Luca got bored with that one after he had done 3 vases of flowers and moved onto the monkey face (at the bottom).
This is Luca's Lab 7 monkey face. You could only use a limited number of colours, so off he went. It looks a little like a character from South Park I think!
 I think we are off to bake a cake now...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Watercolour Inspiration

Reading new books to get some drawing and painting inspiration.
Even though the weather has cooled down, all of my plants seem to be loving it, they are all in bloom. Some lovely inspiration for some small watercolour paintings I think.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Markets, Sickness and a Lot of Fun!

Whoa, this last few weeks has come and gone so fast. While I was in the middle of it though, it seemed to be taking FOREVER!

We've had late night hospital visits, days off school and a lot of time watching movies on the couch. On the happier side we've had outings to the City, birthday parties, finding things that we haven't seen or played with in a while, and a lot of reading other peoples blogs and not wanting to write on my own.

I think I am going to start spending less time on this thing (computer), I think I have become overwhelmed at all the things I have to do around home, let alone anything creative. I am a really unorganised person, I need to sort myself out. Hopefully I will get back into my routine at home very soon, and start back with the screen printing and sewing I have planned.

I have hardly taken any photos lately, but here are some pics of the things I bought from the Magnolia Square Markets a few weeks ago at Paddington town hall. I have a few kids birthdays coming up, so it was a good opportunity to find some unique goodies.
Prints and wrapping paper from Sweet William
Mixed paper pack from Sweet William
Print by Printspace
Goodies from Red Wagon