Monday, 31 January 2011

Back to School

The school holidays went SO fast! We had so much fun on our 'staycation'. The furthest we went from home was an hour and a half drive. I feel pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful environment. We spent numerous days at the beach and sea pool just down the road. Other days we went to the city, the Zoo, the Reptile Park, Manly, fishing, bushwalking, and having fun times together. 

And now, after all that holiday fun, guess who doesn't want to go back to school? 

"School's boring Mum!" he said. 

So I said, "You will be going into a new class, with lots of different kids from the other Kindy classes from last year". 

He replied, "Well I bet they don't want to go to school either, so we should all go to the beach!" 

I couldn't agree more (sigh). Look at today!
He was happy once he got to school, phew!

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