Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A quick trip...

With Aunty's Gabby and Gill visiting for a few days, we thought it would be nice to make a trip into the city yesterday with the kids to see the Chinese Entombed Warriors Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. 

It was a really windy day which I think made the kids a little crazy! They were pretty good considering how quiet and still they had to be. Luca loved every minute of it, and had his little booklet where he checked off the things he found in the exhibit. He was excited to find almost everything before we had to walk a lot quicker than everyone else out of there because Remi was sick of being in his stroller and started screeching. I think the slow speed of the stroller was a bit much to handle for a little hurricane like Remi. We walked through a few of the other permanent collections which the kids loved looking at. Then they were let loose in the Domain, the huge parkland areas around the AGNSW. A really lovely day, with a little bit of culture for all of us!

There is no photography allowed inside the Art Gallery, so these were taken outside.

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