Friday, 31 December 2010

December at a glance...

The last month has gone by so incredibly fast. Since school broke up, we have been going at 100 miles an hour. We've had so much fun with family and friends and even just by ourselves at times. The weather has finally come around and we have had an absolutely gorgeous Christmas break. The pics below show 'our December'.
The night of the Lunar Eclipse. I was putting the kids to bed and only just saw the end of it, it was a beautiful evening. My little camera took this lovely shot.

Everyday we walk to the end of our street for a swim at the beach. This day, Remi was tuckered out and decided to have a little nap after his big swim.

Me enjoying the sun, watching Luca and Uncle Ben brave the chilly water.

Christmas Day up at the cousins country house.

Christmas tree and gifts

The Christmas Pudding I made. It was my first effort and it turned out lovely (for a last minute job).

Uncle Paul made the kids a slip n' slide, they all had so much fun!

The country 'estate'!

The kids absolutely LOVE the swings, oh, ok so do I!

Me and my big Sister

Boxing Day Pavlova - made by my Sister and always YUM!

Christmas cake made by my lovely friend Gina, also really yum, the kids ask for a piece daily. It's lasting quite a while.

A surprise present for me when we arrived home.

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