Monday, 26 July 2010

(Almost) Back to Normal

After 2 weeks of fun in the school holidays, we almost went back to normal last week. It was quite cool each morning taking Luca to school, and we are all now fighting off colds. Little Remi had to have a visit to the emergency room on Saturday afternoon for a little bit of oxygen therapy and some observation. He was finding it hard to breathe and had a really high temp. Thankfully he didn't have pneumonia and we got to go home before midnight. He is well again now, look at him climbing into the pantry to find some sultanas this morning.
 I had 2 hours to kill while my tyres on my car were being replaced last Thursday, so I walked down to Artfocus Gallery to see this years Warringah Art Exhibition. As usual it was really great and the standard of the 'Youth" category was fantastic. I voted for a photograph titled "Seeds of our Family Tree" by Tereas Correale as my favourite, and in the Waste to Art category, I voted for a sculpture titled "Despite all my rage, I'm still just a bird in a cage" by Nikki Vanderhorst. (Once I get a link to the exhibition winners, I will put it in here.)
After visiting the Science Centre & Planetarium down in Wollongong for the day on Saturday, Luca is even more into the stars and planets. We saw a couple of shows in the planetarium which he loved, especially "Secret of the Cardboard Rocket". We had some rocks at home that he wanted me to paint Space themed images on. It is probably the first time I have painted rocks, and it is a pretty awful shaky attempt, but he likes them. Another little collection for him to move around the house...
A pretty mixed up week, so, hopefully this week I will be more creative. Off to do some sewing now, still working on my Arcadia quilt top - it's taking me forever!

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