Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Belynda Henry - Overview

A friend of mine, from way back in Primary School, is having another Exhibition of her works next month.   Belynda Henry and I went through Primary School, High School and University together, and both got our Bachelor of Visual Arts degree from Sydney College of the Arts way back in 1993. 

We have somewhat kept in contact over the years, but since we both had our children, our friendship has dwindled off a little. I am always really excited to go along and see her Exhibitions on opening night, she is always beaming with delight. Her works are mostly large scale and full of wonderful layers of shapes and colours. 

Go and have a look at her website as well as the Gallery that represents her - Richard Martin Art in Woollahra, Sydney. If you are in Sydney between 14 - 25 August, please go along and see her exhibition, you will love it! I am always so proud...

Self Portrait Wednesday

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Another Fun Project

The Sketchbook Project: 2011
I think I am worthy of signing up for The Sketchbook Project: 2011.

Motivation is the main reason. I came across the 'Project' via Geninne's Blog which I love. I adore looking at her create beautiful things every day. The colours and subject are simple and beautiful. Her journals are lovely with loads of hand drawn and collaged pieces mixed together to create gorgeous artworks in themselves.

So, my journey on the Sketchbook Project will begin once I receive my Red Moleskine. My theme is: A Day in the Life, and I already have a million ideas to begin. I think I have even inspired my nephew(s), who are very artistic, to create their own. We have until January to complete them.

Go and take a look at the Arthouse Co-op website and sign up for yourself. And remember, have lots of fun with it - I know I will!

Monday, 26 July 2010

(Almost) Back to Normal

After 2 weeks of fun in the school holidays, we almost went back to normal last week. It was quite cool each morning taking Luca to school, and we are all now fighting off colds. Little Remi had to have a visit to the emergency room on Saturday afternoon for a little bit of oxygen therapy and some observation. He was finding it hard to breathe and had a really high temp. Thankfully he didn't have pneumonia and we got to go home before midnight. He is well again now, look at him climbing into the pantry to find some sultanas this morning.
 I had 2 hours to kill while my tyres on my car were being replaced last Thursday, so I walked down to Artfocus Gallery to see this years Warringah Art Exhibition. As usual it was really great and the standard of the 'Youth" category was fantastic. I voted for a photograph titled "Seeds of our Family Tree" by Tereas Correale as my favourite, and in the Waste to Art category, I voted for a sculpture titled "Despite all my rage, I'm still just a bird in a cage" by Nikki Vanderhorst. (Once I get a link to the exhibition winners, I will put it in here.)
After visiting the Science Centre & Planetarium down in Wollongong for the day on Saturday, Luca is even more into the stars and planets. We saw a couple of shows in the planetarium which he loved, especially "Secret of the Cardboard Rocket". We had some rocks at home that he wanted me to paint Space themed images on. It is probably the first time I have painted rocks, and it is a pretty awful shaky attempt, but he likes them. Another little collection for him to move around the house...
A pretty mixed up week, so, hopefully this week I will be more creative. Off to do some sewing now, still working on my Arcadia quilt top - it's taking me forever!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Winter in Sydney

We had another beautiful Winter's weekend in Sydney which took us outside to play yesterday. We hopped a bus, and a Manly Ferry, to the City to get the kids outside for the last weekend of the school holidays. 

Our first stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) at The Rocks where part of the Biennale of Sydney Art Exhibition was on. We braved 4 floors of 'out there' artworks with the kids wanting to touch everything along the way. Holding them back was quite an effort, but we made it through, and we all loved it. The Biennale is going on all over Sydney until the 1st of August. We have a few more locations to see before it ends, Cockatoo Island, AGNSW etc.
This really cool sculpture (below) outside the MCA is an awesome sight. It is called "Neuron" by New York Artist Roxy Paine. We all loved walking through the sculpture and then into the Museum. Photos weren't allowed inside the Museum, so you will have to go along and see for yourself.
My Luca especially loved this sculpture (above), he wanted to climb all over it, but I think it is made from aluminium, it would have snapped in a second.

After the MCA, we wandered through The Strand Arcade, which I love for it's stained glass windows, gorgeous balustrades and glass atrium. I used to wander through here on my way to Uni some days, it just has a lovely charm about it. A few of my favourite shops include, Dinosaur Designs, the Kikki.K White Store, and the beautiful Collections of Jayson Brunsdon and Wayne Cooper.
Just out the other side of The Strand is Pitt Street Mall, which is having a face lift. Fortunately they are keeping most of the old facades like the ones below.
Our final stop was Sydney Tower, or as we have always called it Centrepoint Tower. (We used our Unlimited Adventure Passes which are valid for the whole year on a few of Sydney's main attractions.) I hadn't been to Sydney tower since I was in Year 11 at high school on a Home Science excursion, when we visited the restaurant at the top. This time, it was to the Observation Deck at the top. It was a sensational view, the day was beautiful and bright, and we could see for miles.
The view across Woolloomooloo to the Eastern Suburbs (below).
View East across St Mary's Cathedral and Hyde Park (below).
The view Southeast across Hyde Park (below).
Looking down at Beautiful Queen Victoria Building below.
To end the afternoon, before the bus ride home, we stopped in the Cafe at the top of Sydney Tower for a  Gelato for the Boys and a coffee for me. 
We had a really lovely School Holidays, we did something fun almost every day. Today is a pupil free day at School, so we are off to Disney on Ice for one last hurrah before getting back into our morning School routine tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A New Tote Bag

I had been wanting to do some sewing all day yesterday but I had so much housework to do and the kids had gone out with their Gramps for a few hours. I managed to get a lot done while they were gone, and by the late afternoon I got a chance to whip up this little Rainy Day Tote Bag Kit that I bought from the Stitches and Craft Show in Sydney a few weeks ago.
Don't you just love it? I think it's very cute and the fabrics are really lovely (Rainy Day Ice Cream fabric by Lara Cameron and Dandelion fabric by Kristen Doran - Fab Aussie Designers). It took me about 45 minutes (with kid interruptions) to make. 

While I was sewing, my little boy Remi fell asleep on the lounge for the night. He must have had a big day with Gramps and Luca at the park.



On another note, it is my Big Sisters 40th Birthday today. We all want to wish her the very best on this wonderful milestone! She is the best Sister anyone could wish for. We love you Leanne. xoxoxoxox
Happy 40th Birthday Leanne!

It's also my little brother Graeme's birthday today as well. He is 33. Have a wonderful birthday Gra Gra. xoxoxoxo

Monday, 12 July 2010


Saturday was beautiful! The weather was gorgeous (for Winter) and we all really needed to get outside for some vitamin D from the sun. We live just near Long Reef in Sydney and it has always been one of my favourite places to walk up to. The para-sailors and hang gliders were all up in the air today and we sat for about an hour watching them take off and soar through the sky. There was this eire feeling, it was very quiet up there - really peaceful. I could have stayed up there for hours watching them if my two kiddies weren't so restless. Look at Remi below, I am sure he wishes he was flying around with them. The walk was lovely and the company was even better. Thanks for a lovely day my family. xo

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Paper Spaceship Models

Yesterday it was just my big boy and I while the little one was at Kindy for the day. He had some gift vouchers that were yet to be spent from his birthday last September (that I forgot about until now). We walked past the book stand at the Newsagent and saw this book "SPACE: Discover and Make" for $7.95 - what a bargain! It has kept us busy for most of yesterday afternoon and this morning, piecing together various parts of this Columbia Module and Service Module, Saturn V Rocket (not shown) and the Eagle Lander and Lunar Excursion Module. It is all now hanging from the ceiling in his bedroom with fishing line. Perfect for keeping him busy for 2 days in the school holidays. Best money ever spent! And a great book too...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday - Crafting With the Kids

Wednesday - Snuggle Up and Read

My little Remi hasn't been too well today so we snuggled up in our big bed and read tons of stories. It is so lovely that he actually sits still long enough to hear a whole story now. He even understands what is going on in the story and finishes the sentences in the book. So lovely!

Wednesday - A Day of Puzzling Things

School holidays always makes me try harder at doing things with the kids. I love spending time with them (when they are being good). We spent ages doing puzzles today, Luca's mind is constantly running, he loves anything to do with construction like LEGO, Trio and Magformers. Puzzles have always been a favourite thing for us to do together. He has it all worked out now that he goes to school, he is more independent, he doesn't need me as much anymore. He even knows to place all the pieces around the edge of the puzzle first without me telling him. Growing up too fast!

Tuesday - Muffins, Marshmallows and a Few Corn Chips

We visited my lovely friend of 30 something years and her 2 kiddies today. I had some time before we left this morning to bake some lovely raspberry and white chocolate muffins. They were really delicious, the kids gobbled them up!

Monday - Cubby House Day

A cold day inside building cubby houses was how we recovered from a busy weekend. We are always tired on a Monday, even more so when we have been to our country house (ha ha). It takes us so long to construct a solid cubby, little Remi likes to push them down all the time. So the one above was the finished product, it stayed there all day. I had to draw the line at sleeping in there overnight though, it is freezing in our living room!

Sunday - A Big Party For a 6 Year Old

Archer's party on the farm (that has no animals yet) was a lovely day trip up to my sister's for a family BBQ. My boys were in bad moods early on, so the day wasn't going to be much fun for them from the start. I had a lovely time up there though. It's always lovely to get away to the bush, see the kangaroos hopping along the back paddock and for the kids to have a hay ride on the back of the tractor (minus the hay). Lunch was, as usual, delicious. Leanne made a Transformer stenciled birthday cake which was delicious as well. All in all a fab day full of chatting and fun, and the kids were worn out, so it must have been kind of fun for them, right!

Saturday - A Visit From Clayton

Oh, see how much he has grown! My boys adore him, his tiny hands, his lovely face and the smell, well we all know the lovely smell of a (clean) baby. They touched him, held him, startled him with their big boy noises and the little guy sat and watched them so happily until he fell asleep again. Thanks for stopping by little Clayton, and thanks for making us your first long trip away from home (only 1 hour, but when you are little, that's a long time). So sweet!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Toy Story Love

We went and saw the new Toy Story 3 movie this morning (they both sat still through the whole movie - yep! I was surprised too.) and when we got home, they both wanted to wear their Buzz Lightyear costumes. Talk about a hilarious pair of kids. The little one's costume is gigantic on him, and the big one's costume is very tight. They soared around the balcony for ages, shouting "to infinity and beyond" over and over. So funny!

We all loved the movie, they have once again made a really great Toy Story movie. Thanks Pixar!

Friday, 2 July 2010


I've been sewing like mad lately trying to get the samples made for the next couple of things we are going to be selling over at Remi and Jack. I know it's painful to show snippets of the things we are doing, but because everyone pinches everyone else's deigns and ideas I thought I would keep this one under wraps for a little while longer. I still have some tweaking to do and some opinions and feedback to get. We will see lots of family this weekend so we will be able to put it to the test. Lets just say... kids will love it! Are you intrigued?