Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Just a quick one to show you the loveliness things that came home with me from last weeks Stitches and Craft show in Sydney. Some KOKKA fabric below caught my eye. I really love red printed onto linen. I don't know what to use it for yet, so it will stay in my stash for a while.
 Prints Charming prints seemed to be my favourite. I bought quite a few hand printed fat quarters and a few panels below. This one below is calling out to be embroidered and become a cushion for the living room.

 Some Prints Charming scraps below will came in handy for some small projects I have planned.
 Even the Prints Charming paper bags that they gave me my stuff in are lovely.
 Some PC fat quarters that will become a quilt one day.
 I picked out some random fat quarters from various shops to make a red, white and grey quilt for my king size bed.

 Now this piece below is very special. I bought it for my sister Leanne for her 40th birthday. It is vintage embroidery from Turkey from the Frances Ergan shop at the show. Leanne fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. I haven't given it to her yet, her birthday is in a few weeks, I made her wait. So, ssshh, its a secret, don't tell her.
Now I'm off to do something wonderful with all these lovely things.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Rock Climbing

Going to friends birthday parties are so much fun these days. It sure beats running around then eating a whole bunch of sugary treats. Rock climbing was the party today. All the boys had a blast. It was meant to be a drop and go party, but I loved watching my boy climbing for the first time, and I took a kazillion photos (again). He's so brave!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Cat in the Hat

This was one of my best buys at the Stitches and Craft Show last weekend. Being away for the whole weekend and not bringing home something special for my boys would have been a disaster. There weren't many things to buy for boys at the show, which is understandable, but when I spied this set of Russian Nesting Dolls I snapped it up. They have been playing with it everyday since I gave it to them. I am just nervous it's going to get ruined. It's really lovely!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

RL, Trio, a Monkey and some cake!

The last month and a half has gone by in an instant. Looking back over my photos I pulled out a few that summed up this time. It seams every day has been blurring into one. I am trying to spend as much time as I can with my little Remi during the day keeping up a regular routine and enjoying each others company. Of course I can't give up my hour or so each day sitting down with a cuppa and one of my fave mags - Real Living. Real Living, Inside Out, and a splash of Donna Hay mag  all make me happy from month to month.
 A lot of time has been spent creating things from Trio, Play Doh and Lego. It keeps my creative side of my brain active. Remi makes such cute things, then smashes them to pieces.
 I have managed to get in a little sewing here and there and am in the middle of making a sock monkey. The boys each want one of course, and I am crap at hand sewing, so they may get them by Christmas if they are lucky.
I did manage to celebrate my birthday somewhere in the middle of everything last month, and my husband did well once again and got me my favourite Lindt chocolate cake...YUM! The rain was pouring down, so we stayed inside.
 We received 2 shipments of our Carry All Playmats over at Remi and Jack. They are selling so well that we have a continuous order now. Little Remi loves playing Trio and posing for Mummy on a Playmat.
 And we added a new colour Playmat that seems to pull the rest of the colours together. The Aqua Blue is really lovely so there aren't many left.
 The weather has been chilly for a few weeks now, so it was time to pull out my quilts that I made. I don't think I have posted a pic of these yet even though they are a few years old.

 I managed to make a space in our living room for some toys and books for Remi during the day. It is the warmest part of the house in winter, so he can play in the warm sunshine (and make an awful mess).
I know that the photos I have put together a a bit random, but that pretty much sums up the last 30 days. Hopefully the next month will be more organised.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Special Treat!

We have had a Girls Only weekend organised since this time last year. My Sister and I had a few must do things on our list that we wanted to do together , no kids and no husbands. We stayed overnight in the City (Sydney) in a hotel near Central Station and the Haymarket area, a short walk to the Convention Centre at Darling Harbour - site of the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show. 

I only really had one stall I wanted to go to. I have been wanting a copy of the new Prints Charming book for a little while. I met the lovely Cath and she signed the book for me as well. I accidently bought quite a few fat quarters of their hand printed fabrics and some prints for me to embroider as well. Everything was so deliciously lovely and has inspired me to get back on the printing wagon. She is so inspiring and so lovely...
 That's me ☝
And outside the Show in the beautiful warm winter weather, this was spinning around. It made me feel good inside.

We saw Sex and the City 2 at the movies and laughed our heads off, shed a few tears and giggled a lot. As my sister said, "It was like going to see old friends". I know the movie isn't the most fantastic ever made, but it made us happy and we loved how OTT it was. After the movie, we had a lovely dinner at Darling Harbour - Lobster! No holding back.

After another half day at the S&CS on Sunday looking at the Quilt Exhibition, I was tired and ready to go home. It was such a lovely weekend, just us two, just like it used to be. A special treat indeed!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Light Up!

 The Vivid Sydney light show has been on for a while now. Some cool pics we snapped around Sydney last weekend are worth showing you. Enjoy!