Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Carry All Play Mat colour at Remi and Jack

Look at my gorgeous boy modeling the newest colour of Carry All Play Mat for me this morning. He was very cooperative and even put on a cheesy smile for me. He got some Trio (Fisher Price) for his birthday from my Parents, and was having fun fiddling with it for ages while I was taking a few photos for the Remi and Jack Blog (R&J).
We have added the AQUA BLUE pictured at the top of the pile in the pic above. I just love the double thickness of these mats for all the wear and tear they will endure, they should last forever.

Business is going really well. We get a lot of traffic over at R&J searching for Lego Drawstring Play Mats. They are flying off the shelves almost as soon as we receive our shipments. 

Finding time to do anything more than posting them out is a bit of a challenge with little Remi by my side. I manage a few hours each evening to get orders done, which seems to be working. I have a few samples that have been sent off for upcoming projects, so his one day a week at Kindy will be full to the brim working on R&J. That starts next week, so until then, I am off to play with my boy.

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