Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Dingle by The Lake.

We got the whole family together today for the kids birthdays in May, well the ones who live in driving distance. We met at The Dingle Boat Shed by the lake and had a lovely day catching up with those we haven't seen in a while. It was lovely, just us, just family. 

There were three kids birthdays to celebrate, so of course there was a cake for each. Layla turned one, so her Mum made a shimmery butterfly cake. Our boy Remi turned two, so I made him a chocolate mud cake and frosted it in The Wiggles colours (I took the easy way out this time). And little Tommy also turned two and his mum made a Handy Manny cake. The kids all thought it was fantastic having so many cakes to choose from. There was quite a bit of each left over, which means a few more days of celebrating at home - eating cake.
Little Remi got a mini skateboard for one of his gifts, and was instantly attached to it for the rest of the day. He can already stand on it by himself, he practiced a lot by the lake, with Daddy.
We need more of these days especially after the week I had last week, including a small accident in the car, a guy ran into me - oops. Hopefully this week is better. I have lots planned.

xo Mon.

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Leanne Harvey said...

Hi Sissy, It was a loverly day. And we do need more of them because we're special.Luv L