Tuesday, 20 April 2010


With my big boy back at school today, I was able to spend some time on a new painting. I have been painting a lot lately. In the past I mostly worked on larger pieces, no smaller than a metre square. I have recently converted to using small canvases and finishing each artwork a lot faster which makes me want to paint more. My studio and the kids play room are in the same room so the little one is starting to play by himself a lot more while I sit and paint.

The above painting was finished yesterday afternoon with it's partner of the same size. It is a departure from what I normally paint, but I am really into shapes and bold colour at the moment to give some neglected areas of my home a wake up shot of colour. 

I know, it's a shocking photo of it, I took it on Photo Booth on my Mac and cropped a section of it. It kind of shows all of the wobbly bits up that close - oops. I am hoping to have my camera back soon to be able to show you where I hang them in my house, you know, with the styling done to make them look good. 

I love it when I get things done. Oh happy day!

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