Thursday, 4 March 2010

Today I am working on....

...this quilt, which I started and seemed to forget about for almost a year and a half. I cleaned out my fabric area and came across a few unfinished projects.

This was originally meant for Luca's bed, but I have now decided it will be our travel quilt, and will live in the car, now that the weather has cooled down. It has a lot of dark colours in it, perfect for my two boys, they tend to spill things. It will be about 1/3 bigger than in the pic above (six 10 in. squares x eight 10 in. squares. I am going to bind and back it in something dark (easier to keep clean). Pretty easy and basic, but that is what I like. I like to see the fabric designs.

That is my project for today, to finish the top, lets see if I can do it.


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