Sunday, 21 March 2010

Art Month in Sydney

A quick trip to the City to get the boys out of the house turned out to be more fun than I though it would be. A bus and ferry ride made it more interesting, I was able to relax instead of swearing at crazy drivers. It's always nicer to see the Opera House from the water with a cute ferry in the foreground.
I didn't even know it was Art Month in Sydney. I am a little out of the loop now that I have my business going on.
As soon as we stepped off the ferry, we walked across the street and came across these two huge tigers. I thought they were cats playing with a ball of yarn to start with, then the whole Year of the Tiger thing dawned on me. It was a pretty cool installation outside a lovely historic building - Customs House.
Giant Digital Origami Tigers
Year of the Tiger 2010
Material: Barrisol on Aluminium Frame, Vinyl Tattoo, LED's
Design: LAVA (Laborotory for Visionary Architecture)
Location: Customs House Circular Quay, Sydney

I never knew that their was a library inside Customs House, and I also didn't know there was a miniature City of Sydney under the glass floor in the foyer. The boys stood and looked for almost half an hour, rolling around all over the place. We love unexpected fun!
The artworks around the building were also fab! I loved these photographs below, don't know who they are by, but I loved them.

In what would be the sitting room just near the Foyer, was a smaller installation of the larger Tigers from outside the building. They were made from some kind of light plastic, and one of the boys picked one up - I almost died!

I love the architecture in Sydney, even the older buildings feel fresh with the modern ones behind.

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