Sunday, 10 January 2010

Our Country Home

A few days away was what I needed, just to clear my head. A quick hour and a half drive and we were at our Country Home (My Sister's Home). It's quieter there, except for the cicadas. It's safer there, except for the red belly black snakes and wild horses, and it's cooler there, when they have the air conditioner on and I am inside enjoying looking at all My Sister's lovely creations. The kids had so much fun together, we even managed a little sightseeing on one of the days - not much to see though except land, lots of land, oh, and Pubs.

This cool tree is on their land, I think I have photographed it every time I have been there, it is quite interesting to me.
My BIL made this swing for his kids. I absolutely LOVE it. It has this free flying feeling about it. I never want it to end. I feel sorry for the poor person pushing though - sorry boys!
Luca and his cousin Archie.

Remi and I above and below.

The scenic tour which is more beautiful in person I have to say.

Pubs, Pubs and Pubs.

My lovely Sister with her latest creation, I had to take a pic even though it is yet to have the binding attached. Ooh, it's a yummy licorice delight!

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