Saturday, 26 September 2009

Fiji Magic

Just back from 2 weeks in Fiji, still on Fiji time. What a lovely holiday, we all had so much fun. Hopefully I will post some more pics soon.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


What a fantastic 5th birthday for our big boy today. Most of his family and friends came over to celebrate, along with Sparkles the Clown, who never fails to make the kids laugh their heads off. Thank you everyone, we had fun.


Our big boy is growing up so lovely. He turns 5 today, I can't believe how fast all of our lives are flashing by.

Here are 5 things that make him even more lovely every day.
1. He comes in to our bed every morning for a wake up snuggle.
2. No matter what is suggested for breakfast, he always wants 2 slices of Vegemite toast and a glass of water, a creature of habit.
3. He often disappears into his bedroom very quietly and tinkers with all of his toys. While he is playing he hums his little songs to himself.
4. He uses the most grown up long words at the most amazing times and makes me laugh.
5. He loves us, makes us smile and looks after his little brother (well, most of the time).

Ok, so that was probably more than 5, but there are so many good things about him.

Happy Birthday my Big Boy, I love you forever.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Chubby Toes

OMG!!! These are the cutest EVER! My cute little Remi just got his first pair of thongs at age 16 months - light blue with octopuses on them. Havaianas have always been a favourite of mine, I have probably owned at least 8 pairs in the last 3 years, and before that, who knows. My big boy Luca could never figure out how to wear thongs, and still can't, he is a sandals boy. I absolutely live in them from September to April, and now my little one will too, the strap they have added at the back of the baby ones makes sure they stay on little feet.

Those chubby toes are to die for aren't they?