Saturday, 29 August 2009

Friday, 28 August 2009

A nice surprise

It is amazing what flowers in my yard one year and doesn't the next. I found these today hiding behind the trampoline away from little hands. They thought they were safe until I grabbed hold of them and ripped them out to put inside into a vase. Freesias (above) are always a favourite for me in Spring time, it means the warmer weather is on its way, and they smell divine. The Rock Orchids below are a complete surprise to me, they weren't there last year. I left 3 more branches of flowers for the butterflies. Oh, they are so pretty!

Monday, 24 August 2009


Doing my usual weekly look around my favourite blogs a week or two ago, Belinda from The Happy Home steered me in the direction of these terrific chairs from Ezibuy. I had to jump on the band wagon and get myself some. I have wanted some for the longest time, ever since we lived in the U.S. I should have bought them while we were there, but back then I was after a more modern feel. Now we live back here, by the beach, they are perfect, and they remind me of our previous life way back when.

It seems that my little one has decided that it is his new cookie eating seat. I have to admit, it suits him perfectly, and doesn't he look comfy!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

August so far...

August started with the 'Big Seven O' for my Dear Dad. We celebrated with a family lunch and wished both Dad and Oscar (10 yrs) a very Happy Day. Dad's favourite cake is a Black Forest, so mum being the wonderful pastry chef that she is (not), ducked down to the Cheesecake Shop and bought this little number, which was so yummy for a shop made cake. Oscar had cupcakes (below) for his, my Sis made them and the kids loved them.
Other than that, August has been one busy day after the next. I am trying to get things together for Remi and Jack at the Mathilda's Market in November. I am still working on a website, taking photos, designing birthday invitations for Luca, sending out Play Mat orders, painting kids pics, sewing up a storm and dreaming of our upcoming vacation to Fiji. Oh, I can't wait!

Below are some candid pics from the Remi and Jack photo shoot last week. As you can see, my boy was not happy, I even bribed him with chocolate, which worked in the end. We got some good pics which will be on the website once it's up and running.
The Play Mat (below) is VERY hard to take photos of, nothing seems to make it look good, the colours are very bright, and they clash with each other when taken all together. Hopefully they look ok.

Now back to the kids, they seem to need more of my time lately, I don't think I am home half as much as I used to be. It is hard to fit everything into one day. The weekend is already over and I haven't had a second to myself.