Sunday, 5 July 2009

What's on your walls?

I have an ever changing array of artworks always waiting patiently for their turn to be hung. I change them around every now and then, I like to bring some up from my studio so they can see the light of day. If I want a big change, I like to paint something new, there is always some inspiration in a corner of my mind somewhere.

I love white walls, like a gallery, so that is what we have. When Winter comes there is quite a cold feeling in here and I have to stop myself from painting the walls some warm, rich, strong colour, because when summer comes back, I love my white walls.
Above from left: : "Breakers" by me and family photos.

Above: Etchings by Tracy Mandelberg

Above: Lithograph by Salvador Dali

Above: Aboriginal Dot Paintings and Painting by me

Above from Left: Etching by Pete Hogan and Lithograph by Salvador Dali

Above: "Bondi Diptych" by me and further back, "Sydney Waters" by Lisa Perhat
Hanging at the moment I have mostly large scale paintings, a few Dali lithographs that I bought at auction in NY. Some etchings that I bought from a street market by a local artist in Sydney, a lithograph by Aussie artist Reg Mombasa (Chris O'Donaghue), 2 large aboriginal paintings and other eclectic pieces created by artistic friends and a couple of eBay wins. I love them all. There are also a few pieces of my own making that I can't bear to part with.

So what's on your walls, I would love to see.

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