Sunday, 26 July 2009


The view from the top of Long Reef
After hearing from friends in New York how hot the weather has been it gave me the feeling that I want Winter to be over. I love getting rugged up in all my winter woolies but being able to spend more time outdoors with the kiddies is more important, and a lot more fun. I can't really say we have had a very cold or wet winter at all, but I feel like we had been inside too much last few months. Having a little-ish one again, and not wanting him to get sick has a lot to do with it. So as the weather warms up we have been spending a bit more time out and about.

Our favourite walk is doing the loop around Long Reef, which we have done for the last 3 weeks. There is even a new path so the kids can ride their bikes the whole way. We even stop to watch the Pelican's enjoy a meal of fish guts from the local fishermen.
Above: Watching the pelican's waiting for the leftover fish guts

Above: Some local Pelicans at Fisherman's Beach

Exploring around the cliffs

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