Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A little makeover...

My friend Steph, who is my Remi and Jack Business Partner, also in my Mother's Group and an all round lovely person is a School Teacher by day. With Remi and Jack's upcoming Markets, we plan on using a few pieces of recycled kids school furniture for our display tables. Some of the old school tables and chairs which were getting thrown out have made their way back to Steph's home and on to my garage for storage. I have been driving in and out of my garage for the last 4 weeks looking at this ugly table every time. I have been wanting to give it a little spruce up, a makeover, nothing special, just covering it in fun plastic tablecloth fabric and using a staple gun to secure it underneath.

This is what it looks like now. So easy to do, 10 minutes and I was done!

I love that it is now looking better than ever! Pirate treasure map plastic fabric (from Spotlight) looks great as a tabletop. It is now water and splatter proof and will look great as a display table for some of our merchandise.

I love to recycle! It makes me feel good!

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