Friday, 10 July 2009

F i n i s h e d A t L a s t!

Painting for a Show is always very stressful, even if it is a group show and I only have to get one painting finished. This particular painting has been going on for ages now. You know when you just can't get it right, you change something ever so slightly and it throws the whole thing off. Well I have been having a dilemma with this painting for the past 6 months, yep... 6 M O N T H S! ! ! I have gone away and done other paintings in between, but every time I come back to this one, I mess something up - to put it nicely.

Back in December a friend asked me to do a commissioned work, which I was happy to take on board. The subject matter was a particular Surf Boat Crew rowing in the ocean at a surf carnival. They have been ever so patient with me as they are giving it to a close family friend as a (now belated) birthday gift.

Well, good news is.... I have finally F I N I S H E D!

I have decided to enter it in the Warringah Art Exhibition which is held around this time every year. Two years ago I got 2nd Prize in the WAE, and last year I didn't have anything finished to enter as I had just had a baby a month before the Show.

So that is where I have been, painting my butt off. It is a good feeling to be done - just in time too, submissions are tomorrow. Yikes! Wish me luck...

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