Monday, 27 July 2009

70 soon...

My Dear Dad will be 70 years old this coming Saturday. It is always a dilemma finding a present for him, I never know what he might like. This year I plan on doing a painting for him over the next few days, hopefully finishing before the weekend.

What does my Dad like?

He loves his family, a nice meal and mostly he loves to ride his bike. He and Mum ride for miles every time they go out on an adventure. They go for weekends away with other bike riding friends and all ride for miles before finishing at a local pub for a nice cold one. I admire them both for being fit and healthy and still going strong. I think there are many more roads for them to find, and, I think they will keep riding forever.
So, I plan on doing a painting of a bike for him, kind of like the pictures that I have done on the computer above. Hopefully he likes it, and hopefully I get it finished for him - on time!

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