Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Capital "C" is for Canberra

A spontaneous, or was it a planned trip to our Nation's Capital?

The kids were sick the day we were meant to leave last Sunday, so we waited until they were mostly better, and hit the road on Thursday for an extra long weekend. With all these Winter sicknesses around, we didn't want to get on a plane with the boys who were not 100% better. So the next choice was something a little closer to home - within a few hours drive.

We had been thinking of going down to Canberra to take Luca to Questacon. He is really into science and likes to see how things work, so Questacon was perfect. There is an area for 0-6 year olds, so little Remi had a blast as well.

We spent most of the day there on Friday with a couple of hours in the afternoon at the National Gallery of Art.

I am always inspired by a visit to any Art Gallery, but the National Gallery really has some spectacular works - 'Blue Poles' by Jackson Pollock being one of the stars of course. Seeing that painting in real life makes my heart skip a beat every time. Every way you turn there is something special to see. I also really liked the Soft Sulpture Exhibition currently running. Walking through the SS Exhibition with Remi attached to my side in my Bubba Sling, we enjoyed it together. He pointed, and ooh'd and aah'd the whole way through, I loved sharing it with him. Meanwhile, Nick and Luca had pretty much seen the whole Gallery by the time Remi and I had only seen the main floor. So they followed us while we saw the rest. The weather that day was pretty dismal, I thought it was going to snow for sure. It didn't get above 2.5C degrees all day.

Saturday we went to the National Museum of Australia for the first half of the day. The Aussie memorabilia was fantastic to see. Seeing all the Aussie Icons in one place was fantastic. I think I appreciated this museum more than the kids. They were a little young to see how cool it was.

The afternoon was spent at the Australian War Memorial where the kids played on life size helicopters, the command centre of a submarine and crawling through WW1 trenches in the Discovery Zone for 2 hours. They loved it, and we were exhausted by the end of the day.

Sunday morning, the weather had cleared up, so we spent the first hour or so at the Bus Depot Markets buying home made chocolate fudge and running around on the grass in the beautiful sunshine, before starting our journey back home.

We could have spent more time in Canberra, but the time was right to come home. Maybe when the Boys are a little older, when they can appreciate the history of the place again, we might go. Or, they can wait for the customary school excursion in about Year 6. Sounds good to me! That drive was long. It's good to be home, it's warmer here.

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