Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Saturday Beach Walk

How lovely is this pic above!
We live in a pretty beautiful place - I love it. We didn't plan a walk along the beach today, it just happened. We had planned to go to a Home Expo in this area, but the traffic was a nightmare, and trying to find a parking spot was way too hard. So we drove in the opposite direction - back towards home - and stopped at one of our local parks for the kids to have a play. Conveniently for us, most of the parks around here are by the beach, so we went down to the water and had a play as well. It was such a nice, calm surf, it was a lovely feeling to be out with my family. I love days like this when what you thought was going to be a day of nothing, and it turns into something wonderful.

My little explorer loves to collect shells.

Daddy and his boys, such a lovely pic, I think I will frame it!

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