Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MOO cards

MOO Minicards above and below
I punched a hole in the MOO Minicards and looped some cotton through to use as swing tags for some of our products - above.

MOO Business Cards above

I have been trying to get things sorted out so that we can start selling our Playmats and Kids things at some upcoming markets. I came across MOO cards about a year ago and have been wanting to buy some since then. My first lot of business cards are pretty generic, I wanted some quick and just went in and used their templates - I love them even though they are so simple.

Their site is so easy to use and the cards that they send (all they way from the UK) are super fab! I love them so much. The idea of being able to have as many images as you want was the thing that hooked me. My next order will mostly consist of photos that I have taken myself mostly of beachy things that go with the Remi and Jack brand.

I also used their MOO minicards as swing tags with our choking hazard warning on them (the top 2 pics), they work wonderfully don't you think? You should go to MOO, they are excellent!

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