Friday, 24 October 2008

Alphabet Soup

I haven't been slacking off, really! I have been very busy actually. This painting was completed and delivered this afternoon to Luca's Kindy as part of the fundraising for the upcoming Art Show. This time though, it is just the kids artworks that we will be seeing. I have donated this painting for them to do a silent auction with. Hopefully they make a lot of money from it.

It took me a week to do from start to finish. It wouldn't have taken that long if I wasn't distracted by my boys, but that is part of being a work at home mum I guess. It seems as though I work better under pressure with a short deadline. Although it does stress me out a bit. It was really fun to do, and something that I hadn't done before (sticking the letters on and making it 3D), so that was fun. The colours remind me of gelato, mmm mmmmmm!!!

This month has been pretty full of creativeness all around. Luca has been painting along side me while I am painting. He has never really been into painting that much, until now that is. He can't get enough of painting, drawing, writing letters and numbers, it's really wonderful to see his little brain working overtime and absorbing life as we know it.
Last weekend we did a really lovely walk up to the headland just near our house. Lucky us got to see the whales frolicking in the ocean, we watched for about an hour.
The same day Remi had his first go in a swing and loved it. SO CUTE!!!
They were even climbing trees together.
And just because he is lovely, here is another one.

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