Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Little Art Show

I had to submit a couple of works, I had to support one of the local pre-schools, I had to enjoy every minute of the evening - just because I could... with out my little ones a tow.

Walking in to the Show was a really lovely feeling. I haven't had anything exhibited for about a year, I had been too caught up in the pregnancy, and now the new(ish) little one is keeping me very busy.

My cousin had told me a month or so ago that they were having a fundraiser at their local pre-school and that I should submit some works for sale. So I looked through my canvases and decided to finish a couple of paintings. All they needed was a quick touch up and a varnish.

The children's sculptural art works that were hanging around the "gallery" could have been mistaken as "grown up art" They were all grouped together which made them make more of a statement, they almost looked like Aboriginal Art. I thought that the whole Art Show was very professionally done, the organisers should be very proud of themselves. I am sure they raised quite a bit of money, there were a lot of little red dots around.

I SOLD one painting (the pre-school got 10% of all sales), and I bought a really lovely piece of jewellery - a necklace made from silver, rose quartz, wood and leather.

It has also made me get back to the easel. It was such a lovely couple of days getting my paintings finished before I took them to the Art Show. I had the double doors open, the sun streaming in, the kiddies upstairs playing/sleeping, and a quiet time to potter about. I wish that could happen every day.

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