Thursday, 28 August 2008

Getting the vibe back!

I have been inspired to create, finding time to actually get out my materials has been a bit of a challenge though. I even visited the Art Supply shop today (baby was sleeping in the pouch), to get some lino printing things. I saw a little piece on Martha a few months ago about printing t-shirts for kids and have wanted to do my own since then. I have quite a few ideas, so lets see how we go.

Having boys, I am always looking for more creative ways to dress them in funky clothes that no one else has. I am not into sewing clothes for them, so my next idea was to print onto plain T's. Printmaking was my Majour at Uni, so I do have some idea what I am doing. It as been a while since I have used the good old lino block though. Back then, these rubber alternatives weren't even available, imagine what I could have been creating - so much easier to carve than the old brown crusty lino. I still have most of my old lino carvings somewhere, as well as etching and lithography plates from Uni that will never be used again, but I just can't get rid of them. Time to get on with it. I may have something to show next week if I can get the little one to have a long sleep today. Wish me luck!

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