Sunday, 31 August 2008

A finished LEGO playmat

Little L has this thing he does... likes to spread as much LEGO as possible throughout the entire house. I find it in the bath, in his room, in MY bed, all over the lounge room floor and everywhere else in between. From the first day he was given some LEGO (from my friends Jodie and Ella) which came free with a box of Sniggles cookies, he has enjoyed building, taking apart and building again. He tends to misplace bits here and there but comes up with something completely different if he can't find all the pieces he needs.
So I had this idea to make a play mat that had a draw string and could collect the LEGO pieces at the end of each day, and be put away neat and tidy. I looked on the web for a pattern of some kind but kept coming up with really ugly, badly made, versions of what I wanted. Yes, I had criteria that needed to be met. Firstly, it must be circular and double sided/reversible, secondly a draw string, thirdly it had to be strong and easy for a 3-4 year old to use. So I went ahead and made it up as I went.
I also added brass grommets/eyelets to make it extra strong, and it pulls in from two sides which makes it easier for him. I think it turned out pretty darn good. Luca was certainly pleased, and with the thoughts of a 4th birthday looming, he proceeded to let me know that "even more LEGO would probably fit in here Mummy". Hmmm.... we'll see.
Pulling the draw strings is easy (above), into a nice handy sack (below).


Redstone Media said...

Brilliant idea!

steffany said...

A friend just forwarded this link to me, I had mentioned that I was looking for something like this. It is wonderful.

Linda said...

Hi...thanks for your post. I am looking at making one of these for my 3.5yr old (Oscar) as he is now into Lego and I don't want it all over the house. Great minds think alike ;cP Please tell me...what diameter did you make it to get it to this size? Linda